With the coronavirus outbreak, your staff are likely juggling random video apps and personal cell phones. What if you could boost customer service and make it easier for staff with an easy to use, all in one phone system – all while saving money? With 3CX, you’ll have a full-featured PABX system – call queues, built-in video calls, web conferencing and more. In addition, you can integrate website live chat, Facebook and text messages all in one system. All these features are remote-friendly; your team can use them from anywhere via mobile and browser apps. It’s also open-platform and fully compatible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks. Run on-premise on an existing server, as a virtual machine, hosted, or in your private cloud. 3CX is a PBX system that scales with your business and is available at a fraction of the cost of comparable software solutions.

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Choosing a phone system for your business requires careful consideration. You want it to serve your business well, now and into the future. Whether a large enterprise or small business, your phone system also needs to scale with you, without breaking the bank in the process. 3CX is an open-platform office phone system that runs on premise on Windows or Linux, with the option to migrate to cloud with a simple backup and restore. Save money and deploy on an existing server or opt for a low-cost mini PC appliance. Build your own 3CX solution with your choice of IP phones and SIP trunks. Get a complete omnichannel business phone system whilst eliminating the cost and management headaches of outdated, proprietary systems. Offer a true remote working experience to any employee with an internet connection, and see productivity increase with advanced call center features, video conferencing and more.

Affordable, flexible solution

Effortless user & system

Appliance or virtualized

Your business phone,

One platform for all communication

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Jumpstart your communications with a hosted PBX that lets you keep control. Unlike most hosted PBX solutions, that leave you with a hefty bill and loss of control and flexibility, we do things differently. Host with us and we’ll take care of updates and monitoring while you run your own dedicated communication system with maximum flexibility. We’ve also made it easy to migrate, so you can move your virtual PBX to private cloud or on-premise any time you want. Bring your own SIP trunk, keep control of your phone numbers and save! What’s more, our hosted PBX rings in at just a fraction of the price of comparable VoIP solutions, with more benefits. 3CX’s cloud PBX also includes integrated video conferencing software, mobile apps for iOS and Android, website live chat, Facebook messaging integration and much more. Don’t settle for just any phone system. Choose 3CX’s hosted PBX.

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80% off the price tag: Zero Admin

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Covid-19 caught many businesses unprepared for remote work. Employees had to quickly adapt by using their personal messaging apps to communicate. It works to an extent, but personal information (status, phone number etc) is disclosed and you are unable to record and log calls. 3CX was built for mobility, with remote work apps that offer secured communication for the whole team. With the iOS and Android applications, business communication is no longer tied to the office building. Take your extension with you anywhere and work on-the-go. Reply to business SMS, Facebook and website messages, make and receive calls, chat with co-workers, start a video call on the fly and ensure your customers are satisfied even if you’re working remotely. With 3CX your remote teams retain productivity and stay connected at all times to colleagues and customers.

Call, message, video,
meet - anywhere

Cut your telephone
bills in half

Easy to configure
and manage

Remote-enable your
customer service team

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Know exactly who is calling before you pick up the phone: integrate your CRM software or helpdesk system with 3CX. Have the customer record open and ready, and see when they called last, who they spoke to and what it was about. Save your agents time and IMPRESS your clients with customer service records that make handling issues more efficient. You will have happier customers and happier agents, as they are able to handle more calls and make more sales! The integration also allows you to call directly from your CRM system. Click on a number to initiate a call, and log and journal the call at the same time. Incoming calls from new numbers allow you to create new customer records automatically. Work seamlessly across both apps, making and receiving calls without ever leaving the interface of your customer relationship management software! You’ll give your sales team wings.

KYC - know who is calling

Empower your
sales force and agents

Supports popular CRM
and helpdesks

Automate customer
workflows with the CFD


Wouldn’t it be great if you could handle your calls, check colleagues’ status, answer messages and video call, all from one central location? With the 3CX Web Client / Windows Desktop App you can do all of this and more. Simple for remote workers to use at home or on the road, and easy to manage, greatly reducing admin headaches. You can make and receive calls directly from your browser without the need to open the web client. Effortlessly launch calls to numbers that are displayed on web pages and CRM systems directly from the window you are working in, such as MS 365, Salesforce and more! Users can login from anywhere with their 3CX credentials or Google or MS 365 accounts, and make and receive calls in a single click. What’s more, advanced call center features such as queues and wallboard make managing inbound calls a walk in the park. Make remote work easy and productive, and keep your team connected, always.

Work remotely with a
user-friendly web app

Never miss a call

Click2Call from CRMs
and Websites

Easy to use, easy to manage


Imagine enterprise-level video conferencing software that’s secure, easy to use and free. 3CX is a complete communications solution for businesses that offers integrated video calling. This means you don’t need to use separate apps for video. If you’re in a call, a single click invites participants to switch to video – no forward planning needed! You can join scheduled and ad-hoc meetings directly from your browser without installing any plugins. Schedule a meeting in seconds and invite participants through your preferred calendar or easily share your meeting room from your own unique URL. Encourage participation and teamwork with advanced features that allow you to view & control remote screens, share documents, present on a whiteboard, chat and create polls. Connect, meet and collaborate with 3CX video conferencing software – no extra cost, no time restrictions, and no user limits!

Easy. No downloads
or accounts

Free for unlimited users

Easy. No downloads
or accounts

Professional video
meeting solution


Statistics show more than half of all customers prefer to chat with someone in real-time! Installing a live chat solution on your website will not only improve customer satisfaction, it will also increase your lead conversions. But what if a query becomes too hard to handle over chat? Enter 3CX Live Chat. By integrating live chat with our phone system, website visitors can chat with agents in real time, and can switch to a live call or video call in a single click – with no dialling of phone numbers. That same agent can answer immediately from their 3CX Web Client, Windows Desktop App or mobile app. How’s that for customer service? What’s more you get to keep all your communication on one platform, including chats coming through your business Facebook page and business sms. Watch conversion rates and customer satisfaction skyrocket. Save on admin time, and monthly software subscriptions!

Turn visitors into conversions

Go from live chat to live call!

One system for live chat,
calls, messages

Answer messages
in a timely manner

Free for 1 year phone system
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Customers want to have their calls answered quickly. They expect you to know who they are and what was said last time they called without being transferred multiple times. The reward for providing efficient customer experience – more sales, happy customers and better reviews! Communication is no longer the domain of expensive old style office phone systems. 3CX integrates call center software features that help you satisfy the most demanding of customers. What’s more, 3CX’s CRM integration and call work flow eliminates tedious and time intensive tasks for your agents allowing them to focus on what’s important. Whether you opt for an on-premise or cloud solution, you can easily connect on-site and virtual customer service teams. Increase customer satisfaction with localized support and time zones, and benefit from a global workforce that’s always connected.

Call queues -
don't miss that call

Call recording and staff training

Check service levels
with reports

Integrated contact center

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“In a call center, I replaced 150 physical phones with the softphone / headsets. So easy to configure, works all the time and very easy to support. Saved the cost of phones, replacing back phones and improved productivity.”
Read the full review

“In a call center, I replaced 150 physical phones with the softphone / headsets. So easy to configure, works all the time and very easy to support. Saved the cost of phones, replacing back phones and improved productivity.”
Read the full review


Does your company use Microsoft 365? Then 3CX is the ideal phone system for you as you can easily connect 3CX to Microsoft 365 and get the best of both worlds! Users can work seamlessly across both apps, managing contacts and streamlining tasks to increase efficiency and delight customers. The simple integration can be completed in minutes and takes the pressure off administrators. Automatic extension creation enhances productivity and makes tedious tasks more bearable while SSO authentication allows your Microsoft 365 users to login in a single click. No more searching for lost passwords! You can even launch calls directly from the Microsoft 365 interface with the 3CX Windows Desktop App and Click2Call functionality. Employees can work from the Microsoft 365 interface and apps and never miss an important call or message! Happy administrators, happy agents, happy customers!

Sync your status from
your calendar

Sync contacts to your
3CX phone book

Launch calls from
Microsoft 365