The Complete Restaurant Cloud POS

for iPads and Android Mobile

Aldelo Express Cloud POS

Complete Restaurant POS System for iPads

​​Full-Featured Intuitive POS Supporting Simple Order Entry to ​Complex Pizza Combinations

Aldelo Express Cloud POS delivers a competitive edge. Achieve optimum performance and operational excellence in high-volume operations with a highly customizable solution that supports both stationary and mobile applications

Take Simplicity, Ease of Use, and Feature Richness to the Next Level:

  • POS Reporting and Analytics from Any Device, Anywhere and Anytime
  • Robust Architecture Keeps System Operational for Weeks During Internet and Power Outages
  • Flexible Applications Made for Restaurants, Bars, Pizza Places, Food Trucks, Pop-Ups, and More
  • ​Up and Running in Minutes with Aldelo’s Setup Wizard
  • Set Individual Employee POS/Cloud Access Privileges
  • ​POS Devices Options that Auto Connect, Sync, and Store Data Through Wi-Fi or Cellular Data
  • Receive FREE Aldelo Marketplace Gift, Loyalty, Kiosk, KDS, Customer Display Apps, and More
  • Free POS Software and Unbeatable Merchant Processing Rates via Aldelo Pay or Aldelo Merchant Partner Services

Complete Mobile Cloud POS​

All-In-One Restaurant POS & Payments in Your Pocket

​Run an Entire Food Service Operation with Aldelo Express' All-in-One ​Handheld POS

​Aldelo Express handheld mobile POS devices contain the same powerful, flexible, and user-friendly software currently offered in Aldelo Express Cloud POS for iPads and Android. Improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with a single, compact, mobile handheld POS solution for all restaurant types

​Expand Ordering and Payments to Beyond the Counter

  • Manage an entire POS operation for full-service restaurants and remote operations
  • Conduct orders with customized multi-level modifiers
  • Combine checks and split payments by seat in any environment
  • Process payments via credit, gift, loyalty, and rewards
  • Print orders directly to as many as twenty individual printers or kitchen display systems (KDS)
  • Accept orders and payments from anywhere via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data
  • Meet increased demand for “order-and-pay-at-the-table” services
  • Ideal for tableside, patio, pop-up, delivery, food truck, and roaming services

All-In-One Restaurant POS

Works Seamlessly Across iPads and Androids

Recall Orders Made from Any Device

Handheld POS devices operate seamlessly with other Android and iOS POS devices for recalling, editing, and completing in-house or online orders. Accept payments for orders made on-site or on-the-go from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connection

Meet Rising Demand for Digital Payment Solutions

Save time and money with mobile digital and printed receipts. Offer emailed or printed receipts for any order type, including tableside, outdoor, takeout, curbside, at-the-door customer delivery, and at
​a variety of remote operations


Aldelo Express is an iPad POS System made for Restaurants, Bars, and More...




✔ Support Restaurants
✔ Support Bars & Pub
✔ Support Fast Casual / QSR
✔ Support Table Service
✔ Support Food Trucks
✔ Customizable Security Levels
✔ Advanced Item Pricing
✔ Discounts & Surcharges
​✔ Multi-Store Gift Processing

✔ Reservation & Waitlist Support
✔ Customer History Tracking
✔ Hold And Fire Items to Kitchen
✔ Split And Combine Tickets
✔ Customizable Receipts
✔ Email Receipts
✔ Supports Up to 20 Kitchen Printers
​​✔ Supports Up to 20 KDS Screens
​​✔ Seamlessly Integrated Payments

✔ Transfer Open Tickets
✔ Fast Barcode & QR Lookup
✔ Caller ID Integration
✔ Integrated Delivery Maps
✔ Inventory Countdown Management
✔ Smart Printer & Cash Drawer Setup
✔ Supports Complex Modifiers, Pizza, & Tag Along
✔ Easy to Use Labor Scheduling & Time Cards
​​✔ And Much More..

Works with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Apple Card, PayPal Card and More!

Aldelo Express Kitchen Display (KDS)

Modern Kitchen Technology Made Easy

​Focus on Making Amazing Guest Experiences by Orchestrating Front and Back of House Staff

​Aldelo Express Kitchen Display System (KDS) supports Traditional, Consolidated and Expeditor modes. It also has configurations that allows for controlling the number ​of orders displayed ​on-screen for clear visibility and communication between front and back of house staff

Customizable, Configurable and Serviceable

  Seamlessly Integrates Multiple iPad Models         and Sizes with Aldelo Express POS

  Flexible Setup Eliminates Legacy KDS,                   Kitchen Printers, and Wiring

  Multiple Screen Configuration Options 

  ​Chef, Cook, Line, Station and Expeditor Views

  iPad Functions as Bump Bar and KDS Screenor as a Bump Bar to “Any-Sized Display”
  ​FREE iPad KDS App Available on the Aldelo         App Marketplace

  Color-Coded Modifiers and Voids

  Non-Proprietary Serviceability

Aldelo Express Customer Display

​​Provide Peace of Mind to Your Guests Through a Customer Display
that Makes Ordering Transparent and Simple

Enhance In-House Marketing Via Concurrent Banner Videos ​and Scrolling Ads

Streamline order processing, enhance customer engagement, and improve visibility of store ads and personalized offers with an interactive customer-facing display. Provide visual-based transactions for noisy environments such as events, bars, and clubs to eliminate errors and increase customer satisfaction

Get Started Immediately with Plug and Play Setup

  • Ensures Quick, Confident, and Transparent Order Confirmations
  • Displays Vibrant Images and Videos for Multimedia Marketing and Offers
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Supports Multiple iPad Models and Sizes with Plug-and-Play Setup
  • Secure Payment and Transactions Including e-Gift Card, Loyalty, and Rewards
  • Highlight Rewards, Loyalty Points, and Personalized Discounts
  • Flexible Menu Items and Display Layouts
    Interactive Order Confirmation, Settlement, and Coupon Entry

Aldelo Express Restaurant Kiosk

​Self-Order & Pay for Tableside / QSR / Digital Menu

Maximize Revenue Potential in Indoor and Outdoor Environments

​Provide better and faster customer service by increasing the number of order entry point, reducing walkouts, and maximizing revenue potential with a self-serve customer-facing Order and Pay Kiosk tablet for tableside and walk-up environments

Improve Operational Efficiency While Cutting Labor Costs

  • Simple and Intuitive Kiosk Design
  • Vibrant Interface with Inviting Images of Menu Items
  • Optional Multi-lingual Menu and Ordering
  • Supports Multiple iPad Models and Sizes
  • Drastically Reduces Wait Times
  • No Need to Create Additional Kiosk Menu
  • Orders Delivered to Kiosk’s Designated Table or Seats
  • Masa+ Gift, Loyalty/Rewards and Aldelo Pay Enabled

Online Ordering and Contactless Tableside Ordering

Dine In




Masa+ e-Gift Cards Increase Brand Awareness and Revenue

  • Extends the restaurant’s brand and reaches new customers
  • Reduces printing costs with digital e-Gift Cards
  • Provides restaurant owners with increased funds critical to sustaining the business during slower seasons
  • ​Supports Single and Multi-store redemption and management
  • Cloud-based management and reports anytime, anywhere
  • Supports restaurant owners with no hidden costs or fees and a seamlessly integrated native solution

Aldelo Express Cloud POS and Masa+ digital Gift Card are securely hosted solutions, seamlessly integrated with the Aldelo Express restaurant technology cloud platform and included at no additional cost to merchants who choose Aldelo Pay or Aldelo Partner Merchant Services

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QR Codes are Quickly Becoming the ​Go-To Link Between Our ​Physical ​and Digital Worlds

As restaurants move to cloud-based technology platforms, QR codes are becoming a necessity for both staff and customers for increasing productivity, reducing errors, and ​improving service levels and satisfaction

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Get in Touch with Contactless Self-Services :​
How Customer-Facing POS Technology Can ​Benefit Restaurants Today

After nearly a year of serving customers with exclusively takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery options, restaurants are welcoming customers back
​on-site with new technologies

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Food Delivery

Increase sales without increasing your cost with the Aldelo Express Online Ordering Module.  It is included with every Aldelo Express installation.

  • No monthly fee
  • No hosting fee
  • No setup fee

Also included is the Delivery Module to track drivers, dispatch orders and with the additional caller ID hardware the software will even look up the customer account information including address and previous orders.

Masa Muti-Store Gift Platform

Multi-Store Gift & Stored Value Card Processing
​Seamlessly Integrated with Aldelo Express Cloud POS

Integrated with iPad and Mobile Cloud POS

Integrated with Masa+ Online Ordering

Physical Gift Cards, E-Gift Cards, SMS E-Gift

Turn Walk-ins Into Repeat Business With Multi-Store Loyalty Programs

Aldelo Cloud POS is Made for All Restaurants & Bars

Aldelo Pay Merchant Services

Integrated Payment Processing

Aldelo POS 2E for Windows​

Aldelo POS 2E Supports Wide Screen and Standard Screen

The Complete Aldelo Restaurant POS System

Everything you need with the ability to be added at any time

Cloud Station POS

Cloud Mobile POS

Online Store

Online Store

Table-Side QR Order

DoorDash Order Sync

Accounting Sync

Inventory & Recipes

Kitchen Display

Restaurant Kiosk

Customer Display

Integrated Payments

Multi-Store Gift

Multi-Store Loyalty

Cloud Management

24/7 Live Support